FuseBox is developing a totally automated demand response system for managing and trading electrical flexibility.
By partnering with industrial consumers fusebox balances the electricity grid and puts some money back into their pockets.
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Demand response

We create the opportunity for companies to significantly reduce energy costs and to earn income through participation in energy trade by demand response.
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Necessary equipment is installed completely for free

The installed equipment allows using various services that will save the company money and earn revenue which can be directed to the company development or owner’s income.
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We change your electricity consumption from costs to income

FuseBox will create an opportunity for your company to earn “new money” and reduce your costs significantly.
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We are specialized to grow your income

Why do consumers need demand response?

A high-precision monitoring of electricity consumption can reduce your company’s energy costs and increase profits. We have many good solutions which are well proved by more ambitious customers.

What do I gain from participating in the program?

As an average the expenditure on electricity costs is decreasing by 5 – 25 % depending on the consumption specialties. Whereas the cost of joining the scheme is 0 euro’

  • I receive income which I have not had in the past;
  • I reduce the electricity consumption;
  • I reduce the grid services (transmission fee) cost;
  • I get the opportunity of high precision monitoring (electricity consumption);
  • I can participate in the energy market;
  • Meaningful and maximized energy savings;
  • Optimal use of backup generator and battery storage and a shorter payback time;
  • Shorter payback period for electricity production equipment (solar panels, CHP, wind turbine, etc.),
  • Bring your company’s energy consumption to the next, higher, intelligent level.

What is the benefit of participating in the Negawatt program?

Economic benefit
  • lower electricity costs
  • lower grid fees
  • income through ‘new money’ service
  • needed equipment for free
  • Tracking energy consumption
  • Automatic management system
  • New level of energy
  • Prognosis and enhanced efficiency
  • Support for green energy production
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Development toward a fully integrated and intelligent energy market

Who can participate?

Companies that have electrical devices with power from 35kW and higher have the possibility to earn money back from the electricity market and also create savings.

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