Would You challenge us if we say that we are able to change your electricity consumption from costs to income?

We promise that we will create a whole new opportunity to make profit for you, to follow up energy savings and to bring your company’s energy consumption to a new and intelligent level.

Our goal is the optimization of the consumption of large consumers towards the daily operations, with the aim of a simple rule – cost savings. Who wants always finds an opportunity to save electricity costs. There are many ways to save, ranging from the introduction of LED lighting up to restroom lighting “The last switches off the light” hanging reminder.

Imagine the situation where energy savings bring money to you which you never had before. This money can be directed to the development of your company or to pay the owners dividend for example.
What would it be like if the entire electricity consumption related information were 3,600 times more exactly measured and mapped? Any change in consumption is seen in real time and you can easily follow it so that you can plan your own activities much better.

How would you like it to significantly reduce grid and transmission fee cost?
You save a lot of your time and money if the demand response topic is managed by a company with an experienced team.
It is important that the system is beneficial to your company and does not interfere with your core business.
To pay for such services only in respect of the achieved results is reasonable, or not?

Chief Executive Officer Tarvo Õng: “In cooperation with big consumers we managed in 100% of all cases to reduce the transmission fee and electricity costs and to generate a profit for them which has never been earned before.”