Frequently asked questions

We wrote down most frequently asked questions and answers to the questions. I something still remains unclear, please contact us and we will gladly explain.

1. What can Energia Juhtimiskeksus do for me?

We can help you reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your electricity consumption on the right times. We can measure the saved CO2 amounts. We can earn revenue from the electricity market changing your usual electricity consumption at the right time. Those regulations will not affect your usual business.
We deliver and install the necessary technology for free.

2. How much does the service cost?

It is free for large electricity consumers (~2GWh or more annually).

3. How can the service be for free?

We can intelligently reduce your electricity consumption so that your usual business is not affected. We will do the unnoticeable regulation when the Estonian electricity grid is under pressure. Elering AS who is responsible for the security of the electricity grid, will pay money for this kind of regulations as an alternative to electricity generation. Enenergia Juhtimiskeskus charges Elering and earns performance based fee. That pays also for the installations and technology.

4. Do I need to change electricity seller?

No you do not.

5. Does it mean long unchangeable contract for me?

No it does not. You can always change your contribution or terminate the contract.

6. What needs to be done to join the system?

We keep the process simple. At first we figure out how much potentially flexible electricity loads you have. Then we go through your relevant business processes to decide together what kind of loads will be available for regulations. After setting the fist plan, we install the necessary technology for unnoticeable and automatic regulations.

7. What kind of technology will be installed?

We install the technology that measures electricity consumption in real time and sends and receives signals for regulations.

8. What kind of consumption can be allocated for demand response?

Every business is different. We will do regulation so that it will not affect your business.Usually it is heating, cooling and ventilation. Sometimes other consumption.

9. How long does the down regulation usually last?

It can be between 15 to 60 minutes. Depending for example on your inside climate and outside climate.

10. How much can be earned?

Income depends on the contribution. The more you can contribute the more revenue it is possible to earn from the market. It falls between 2 500 to 30 000 eur/yearly.

11. What is a peak hour?

Those hours during the days that have the most electricity consumption are called peak hours. Usually the electricity pride during peak hours also peaks. That is due to the usage of backup electricity generators that are expensive.

12. Can demand response lower my grid fee tariffs?

Yes, we ca do that.

Let us know you are interested and lets find out what your potential is.