Below are listed the different services which are related to electric power consumption can be implemented to reduce costs.

Demand response analysis

Before the demand response can start in your company it is necessary to examine what the potential for joining the Negavatt program is. Answers to the following questions are needed:
  • What kind of electrical energy consuming devices are available?
  • What are the functions of these devices?
  • What are suitable times to turn off or to reduce the consumption of these devices?
  • For how long can they be switched off?
  • Is a building automation system in use?
  • What could be potential risks to be considered?
  • Are there any reserve generators or accumulators available?

In addition, it is necessary to find answers to many other questions, which both sides need to be aware of. The goal of demand response is to not have any conflict with your company’s core business.

NPS price management

If your company has selected a stock Exchange package from the electricity seller your hourly electricity price depends on the NordPoolSpot prices. At the stock Exchange, the prices change every hour and the price differences can be several times higher.
Every company has electricity-consuming appliances where consumption can be shifted from one hour to another without affecting the company’s operations or the indoor climate.

Participation in emergency reserve

Switching off electrical load at the right moment enables us to take part market emergency reserve market. The emergency reserve is needed for ELERING AS the Estonian transmission system operator. We take every effort to maximize the benefit which your company can receive through demand response. We are your valuable and reliable partner.

Grid fee optimization

Grid fees are charged from the local network operator. These are companies like Elektrilevi, Imatra, VKG, etc. Our experience tells us that in 95% of the cases it is possible to reduce the grid fee costs in a very simple way. So you can save thousands of euros a year.

Stand-by generators’ cost reductions

Stand-by generators are used in enterprises and institutions where electricity is vital and interruptions are not allowed. Stand-by generators have to be tested at regular intervals and lead to significant costs for the company or institution. FuseBox is able to reduce these costs significantly or to get rid of them completely. Contact us and see how we can be useful to you.

Grid contract Analysis

Quite often grid contracts have been signed with the grid operator years ago. You can generally choose between several different options and quite often the analysis reveals that it is possible to pay much less. You receive our analysis report where the special features of your existing contract and the possibilities to reduce the costs is shown. Mostly, the required changes can be done without any costs. If we are not able to reduce your grid fee charges the whole analysis will be for free.

Precise consumption information

Imagine what cost-saving opportunities arise when you have 60 or 3,600 times more accurate consumption data as right now. If you wish you can track the proper work of electrical devices on minute’s or second’s base and being able to implement advantageous changes in the work organization or consumption optimization.

To give you a better understanding read our client’s statement: “We use machines which are operated by people who receive their salary on an hourly base. In the morning the machines are quite often started (neutral gear) but no work is done. Now, we see the machine’s consumption in a resolution of 1min and we can exactly see when the device actually works. Work starts properly now. In this way we save labor costs, pay for the done work and grow our productivity.”
Which benefits could your company obtain from this precise consumption data?

Consumption data analysis

Consumption Data analysis is needed to organize various processes better or to monitor. In some companies, this is done by the financial or production manager but if you wish, FuseBox can do a financial analysis. We will provide you the necessary analysis or a summary for certain periods.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

In addition to the political will and agreements within the EU and globally many companies are interested in reducing their ecological footprint. FuseBox’s demand response system is likely to change your company’s ecological footprint for the better and to greener operations. We are able to accurately measure and to report it. For example, every saved MWh of electricity which was generated out of shale oil will reduce the CO2 emissions by one tonne.

Switch of power sources

From time to time it makes economic sense to switch power sources. This applies to buildings where generators, CHP, accumulators or renewable energy production equipment are installed. Using them in the right moments can save or lead to additional income.

General reduction of consumption

The easiest way to save electricity is not to consume it. Our installed equipment and highly intelligent control system reduce your electricity consumption without interfering with your core processes. Every saved Euro can be spent on the company’s development or competitiveness.

Reduction of payback time for renewable energy devices

Renewable energy production is generally relatively expensive. For example, solar panels payback or ROI (Return on Investment) in our terms is around 10 years. We bring the payback period down by using the demand response program.

Energy audits

Energy audits show the company its energy consumption bottlenecks in the buildings and processes. To eliminate the bottlenecks leads to significant savings of money, which had been only costs without contributing anything to the company’s products.
We can offer you larger or smaller audits and help to eradicate the found bottlenecks so that you receive a cost reduction and can stay focused on your core business

Energy efficiency measures

The audit shows how to achieve bigger energy savings and how to use energy more efficiently. There is a variety of options that range from the exchange of lighting or ventilation systems to external wall insulation. Did you know that in office buildings the electricity consumption can be reduced by ~ 2% just by informing the office staff, that an energy monitoring system is installed in the building to measure energy consumption?

Consulting on electricity tariff packages

We have a long-term and in-depth experience in analyzing electricity packages. Electricity sellers have often very different price packages which vary in length and contract pricing principles. If you are not 100% sure yourself what might be the best option, we will help you make the right choice.

Peak hour alert system

Once you have selected a “börsipakett” which price differs each hour, you have chosen to manage the electricity costs yourself. Nord Pool Spot peak prices can be up to ten times more expensive and for sure you wish to reduce your consumption in these hours. We provide you a Nord Pool price alert system which is very easy and you can access the daily prices via computer yourself.

Simple and clear user environment

We offer you free use of a cloud-based environment, where you can keep an eye on your consumption data. To look at the various demand response related changes and do many other things that are useful for you.